About Us

Fresh Agents Ltd has been established since 1999. Our Head office is located in Brighton. We work mainly in London and the South East, as well as throughout the UK and Internationally. 

Fresh Agents is a leading model, casting and promotional agency.

We work with a huge range of clients such as top photographers, advertisers, designers, production companies, TV channels, magazines, PR companies etc. I am sure you will recognise Fresh Agents models on many advertising campaigns, not just in the UK but worldwide.

We operate a professional business and pride ourselves by our ethical approach to supporting new faces and getting them started in what can sometimes be perceived as a cut throat and harsh industry, littered with rogue agents making it an easy target for tabloid scrutiny.

We earn our living through fair and honest trading, charging a standard commission for our services when talent is successfully matched to a brief and booked.

Fresh is an extensive agency with models and staff of all ages and ethnicities. We ensure that we approach each job in the same way, whether it is a worldwide campaign or a job for a small independent business. Our representatives share this approach and they will ensure that the assignment is successful no matter what it is for.

We offer a very personable, efficient and friendly service, and would be more then happy to talk you through the steps if you are interested in working with us. We also have the support and endorsement of Alba Model Information.

As we are based just outside of London, we are able to offer competitive rates, whilst maintaining a consistently high standard of service to both our clients and our models.

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