Model Advice

As experienced model bookers, we are frequently sought out for expert guidance on navigating the competitive world of modelling.  This can range from young aspiring models and their parents, to men and women of all ages, including those well into their 80s.

We pride ourselves on our professional and ethical approach to the industry, dedicated to helping new faces launch their modelling careers in what can sometimes be a challenging and unforgiving industry. We are committed to providing honest and fair guidance to all of our clients, ensuring they have the necessary tools and support to succeed.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Fresh Agents has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer those looking to break into the modelling world. 

Question 1:

I want to become a model, what do I need to do?

Our answer:

The best way to get started with Fresh Agents is to submit an application on our website. This will allow us to review your measurements and photos, and determine which section of our agency would be the best fit for you. Please note that professional images are not required; clear snapshot images of yourself will suffice. However, it's worth noting that the better the quality of your images, the greater your chances of receiving work will be. Additionally, please note that Fresh Agents is not an exclusive agency, which means that you are free to work with other agencies simultaneously.

Question 2:

Do I need professional images to be represented by Fresh Agents?

Our answer:

To be considered for representation in our male or female modelling department, we require that applicants already have professional images and have begun building a portfolio of their work. However, if we feel that you have the potential to be a successful model but lack professional images, we can recommend photographers that will work with you on a test basis, allowing you to gain professional images to start building your portfolio at no cost to you. For our junior and other sections, we will consider your application regardless of whether or not you have professional images.

Question 3:

Should I pay for professional pictures?

Our answer:

While professional images are not a requirement, they can be beneficial in showcasing your experience in front of the camera and making your profile appear more professional to us and our clients. However, we strongly advise against spending more than £400 for professional images as paying thousands of pounds for a portfolio is not necessary and is unlikely to be recouped in a reasonable amount of time. Also, please be cautious of companies that call themselves "modelling platform" services as these may pressure you into purchasing photographs that are not suitable for joining an agency.

Question 4:

Do I need to be a certain height to join your agency?

Our answer:

At Fresh Agents, we represent models of all heights. As a commercial agency, our measurements requirements are different than those of fashion agencies. We have a diverse range of models, including TV extras, promotional models, plus-size models, hand models, foot models, and more. Height is not a factor in our representation decisions.

Question 5:

I have been told by Fresh Agents that I can be represented in your Film & TV Extras section or Real & Relatable section, does this mean I can't be a model?

Our answer:

Please note that not having professional images or lack of experience does not mean that we won't consider you for representation or for potential job opportunities. We have a wide range of clients and often receive requests for various types of models. If you are not placed in the modelling section, don't be discouraged. Many of the opportunities in our Film & TV Extras and Real & Relatable sections involve participating in commercials and photoshoots, providing you with valuable experience and the chance to see what it's like to be on set and involved in a production.

Question 6:

How much money will I make?

Our answer:

The pay for each booking varies greatly and can depend on a variety of factors, such as usage fees and the type of work. We understand that pay is an important consideration for our models and talent, that's why when we contact you about a job, we will always provide you with the pay rate for that specific booking. This way you can decide if you would like to accept the job based on the pay offered.

Question 7:

Will I definitely get booked for work?

Our answer:

As a modelling agency, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to secure work for all of the models and talent we represent. We will present you for any bookings that we feel you are suitable for, and if you opt to be featured on our website, clients can view your profile and potentially select you for jobs they are casting. However, please note that the availability of work can vary greatly among our talent, some are booked frequently while others may not receive any bookings. To increase your chances of getting booked, it's important to keep in contact with us and update your profile regularly with recent images and contact information. This allows us to know that you are interested and available for work, and that we can rely on you for bookings. You can login here.

Question 8:

If I don't live in London or Brighton, does that mean I can't register with you?

Our answer:

No, your location will not affect our decision to represent you. While we work throughout the UK, most of our bookings are in London and the South of England, so if you are based further away, opportunities may be more limited in your area. However, please note that we also book a significant number of exciting jobs abroad, so location can be less of a factor in terms of work opportunities.

Question 9:

What type of clients do you work with?

Our answer:

As a commercial agency, we work with a diverse range of clients. To get an idea of the types of work we cast for, we suggest visiting our clients page on our website. Additionally, we frequently use social media to share images of our recent work. Following us on these platforms can give you an idea of the variety of projects and clients we work with, and also keep you updated on our recent work.

Question 10:

Should I pay to register with an agency?

Our answer:

It is important to note that paying to be represented or registered with an agency is not a standard practice in the industry. Reputable agencies may charge administrative fees, but these should never exceed £100. An agency should never pressure you to pay these fees, it should be your own decision and you should be receiving something of value for the money you pay.

Fresh Agents charge a one-time fee of £49 to create a website profile for you, but it is an optional service. We do not charge for registration with our agency. It is worth noting that clients can see the models who have a website profile and it is our first point of reference when booking a job, that is why models who have a website profile tend to get more work. However, it is not a requirement and having a website profile does not guarantee work. As long as you keep in contact with us and update your profile regularly with recent photos, you can stay on the website or our books for as long as you're in the industry.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.