Model Advice

As model bookers we are often called upon for advice of how to break the modelling industry. These calls may be from teenagers, parents, and men and women up to the age of 80+! We operate a professional business and pride ourselves by our ethical approach to supporting new faces and getting them started in what can sometimes be perceived as a cut throat and harsh industry. We are honest and fair in all the advice that we give.

Fresh Agents have been in the industry for 19 years, so we are hoping that our knowledge can be helpful to those who are thinking of applying.

Question 1:

I want to become a model, what do I need to do?

Our answer:

The best thing to do is complete an application on our website, this way we are able to view your measurements and images and inform you if you can be placed within a section of our agency.
Please note; you do not need professional images, snapshot images are fine as long as they are clear and it is just you in the photograph, however the better the images the more likely you are going to 
receive work. We are not a sole agency. 

Question 2:

Do I need professional images to be represented by Fresh Agents?

Our answer:

In order to be represented in our male or female modelling department, we only represent people who already have professional images and are starting to build a portfolio of their work. However, if we feel you have a good look but not the right images, we can always recommend photographers that will test with you which means that you will work for free, but gain professional images to start off a portfolio.

For juniors, and all other sections, we would consider your application with or without professional images.

Question 3:

Should I pay for professional pictures?

Our answer:

It is not essential to have professional images, however some people prefer them as it shows us and our clients that you have experience in front of the camera and overall your whole profile looks more professional.

Please do not pay more than £380 for professional images. We hear stories everyday of people that have paid thousands of pounds for a portfolio, please do not do this!! There is absolutely no reason for you to spend this much on professional images, and it is very likely to take you a long while before you break-even on the cost, if at all.

Please do not get involved with any company that call themselves a 'modelling platform' service. This essentially is a service where you will end up being pressured into buying photographs that are NOT suitable for joining an agency.

Question 4:

Do I need to be a certain height to join your agency?

Our answer:

No, we take on models of all heights. As we are a commercial agency it is completely different to the fashion agencies in terms of measurements. We represent a complete range of models, TV extras, promotional, plus size models, hand models, foot models, etc. Height is not an issue for us.

Question 5:

I have been told by Fresh Agents that I can be represented in your Film & TV Extras section or Real & Relatable section, does this mean I can't be a model?

Our answer:

This does not mean that we won't put you forward for modelling work that you may be suitable for, it just means that you are less experienced.

We have a huge range of clients and can be asked for all types of models, so don't be disheartened if you are not put into the modelling section. A lot of the time the Film & TV Extras section and Real & Relatable section involve being in commercials and photo-shoots, so you can get a feel of what its like to be on set and involved in the production.

Question 6:

How much money will I make?

Our answer:

This is simply a question we cannot answer, each booking we do completely varies in terms of pay. Some people are paid thousands if there are a lot of usage fees involved, whereas some people work for free or minimal amounts.

When we contact you about a job, we will always inform you of the amount that you will be paid to do the work. You can then decide if you would like to work for that amount or not.

Question 7:

Will I definitely get booked for work?

Our answer:

We can never guarantee anyone that we represent that we will find them work. We send you forward for any bookings that we feel you are suitable for, and if you opt to feature on our website then clients can see you on there and select you for jobs that they are casting.

Some people on our books work very regularly and others have never worked for us at all. It is good to keep in contact with us, and very important for you to login to your profile regularly to update us with recent images and contact information. It is good for us, as agents to know when people are keen and that we can rely on them.

Question 8:

If I don't live in London or Brighton, does that mean I can't register with you?

Our answer:

No, we will still represent you, we work all over the UK but it is worth mentioning that most of our work takes place in London and the South of England so if you are based further away the opportunities may be best. We also book lots of exciting jobs abroad.

Question 9:

What type of clients do you work with?

Our answer:

We are a commercial agency, therefore we work with a huge range of clients. The best thing to do is visit our clients page so you can get an idea of the work that we cast for. 

We also use social media to show images of our recent work, it is worth following us to get regular updates. 

Question 10:

Should I pay to register with an agency?

Our answer:

You should never have to pay to be represented or registered with an agency. Although reputable agencies do charge admin costs, this fee should never be more than £100.

An agency should never force you to pay this fee, it should be your decision and you should be gaining something from the money that you pay. We charge a one off fee of £49 to create you a website profile, but this is optional. We do not charge for you to register with us. People who pay to go on the website do tend to get more work, but this is purely because clients can see them on there and we use our website as our first point of reference when booking a job.

If you are not on our website, it doesn't mean to say that you won't get work. You can choose to go on there at any time and the fee is a one off, as long as you keep in contact and we are updated with photos, you can stay on there for as long as you are in the industry!

We hope this information has helped you, if you have any questions that we haven't covered here please feel free to contact us.