Kleenex Idents

21st May 2019

For this shoot we provided - 4 adult models, 7 child models, 3 hand models, 1 location. 

Our models had a fantastic few days shooting at our location house in Rodmell, Sussex. 

The models involved in this project are: 

Cordelia Simpson, Rodney Clarke, Kristen Wojciechowski, Neil Ovenell, Dante Wamae, Theo Sagoe, Joshua Whitman, Amelia Whitman, Tilly Sherliker, Tinisha Dixon, Mirabel Stuart, Owen Hunte, David Galea, Billy Redman

You can watch a few more of the idents here: 

Kleenex - Cheeky 

Kleenex - Camping

Kleenex - Scoops

Kleenex - Ewwww