Professional Images

Professional Images:

Looking to elevate your professional image? Fresh Agents offer a tailored commercial portfolio service to meet the unique needs of each of our artistes. Our commitment to providing a professional and affordable service means there are no hidden costs - just high-quality images that will help you stand out from the crowd.

We understand that many artists starting out may not know how to find talented photographers to capture their vision.

That's why we've put together a reasonably priced photo shoot package, designed to produce images that are suitable for the industry we work in.

The Shoot:

During your 2-hour session, our skilled photographer will use professional studio lighting to capture a variety of looks, poses, and outfits that will appeal to industry professionals. If the weather permits, we may even have the opportunity to take some shots on location to add even more variety to your portfolio.

Our photographer will coach you throughout the shoot, making sure you feel comfortable and at ease.

For £380, you'll receive 10 edited images from your shoot. If you require a make-up artist to be present, we can advise you on cost and availability.

After your session, we'll create a private online gallery for you to select your preferred images. Once chosen, your images will be lightly edited and sent to you as a digital file suitable for printing and online use. You'll even own the copyright to these images, allowing you to use them for self-promotion.

As an added bonus, if you don't already have an upgraded online profile on our website, we'll use your images to create one for you. This is the first step in promoting yourself as an artist, as you'll be represented by a reputable agency. Clients will be able to find you for work, and we'll be able to promote you - and best of all, this service is included in the cost of booking a portfolio session, which is a saving of £49.

Photographers profile:

At Fresh Agents, we prioritise a collaborative approach with our photographers to ensure they understand our agency's vision and the type of images required to help you succeed in the industry. Our goal is to make the photoshoot experience light-hearted, creative, and tailored to your specific needs.

We work closely with our photographers to ensure that every shoot is productive and efficient, giving you the best opportunity for success. We understand the importance of capturing compelling and unique images that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Our photographers will ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the shoot, making the experience both enjoyable and productive. We believe that this collaborative approach is crucial to producing high-quality images that meet the industry's demands while staying true to your unique vision and personal style.

The Studio:

Located just moments from Brighton & Hove's beautiful seafront, our lifestyle studio is easily accessible and convenient for anyone looking to capture stunning images. With free parking right outside and the nearest train station just a short distance away in either Brighton or Hove, getting to our studio couldn't be easier.

Our studio provides a relaxed and welcoming environment, designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your photoshoot. Positioned in a sunny location and with a juice bar located right next door.


Availability is both during the week and over weekends, if you wish to book a shoot please contact

or call us on 01273 711777.

We also offer portfolio shoots specifically for families and children, please contact our office for more information.

It is important to note that Fresh Agents are happy to represent artists with professional photos from any photographer and that there is absolutely no obligation to use the portfolio service we offer.